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Most often, when we attempt to create as good a mobile experience as possible we build the website with a good framework for this. There are several to Joomla and we have experience in most. We can really recommend UIkit from Yootheme but we also like T3 from Joomlart and Gavicks Gavern's framework. By building one of these (if done correctly) you get a completely responsive design that adapts dynamically according to how broad the web browser is. This means that the website adapts itself to how you are holding your smartphone or tablet. Vertical or horizontal telephone positions have different widths and the website adapts itself immediately to make use of the entire width of the screen.

With a mobile friendly website you ensure that your website is attractive and easy to navigate in a mobile telephone. It is also important to adapt the contact template and link telephone numbers to make it possible for even more visitors who use smartphones to contact you.

There are two ways to solve the ease of use in a smartphone; Repsonsive design or mobile design. In a responsive template, the contents adjust themselves automatically according to the width of the web browser. For example, 3 columns become - 1 column. In a so-called mobile friendly template a completely freestanding design is built for smartphone (and older tablets). The contents are still taken directly from the database but with another layout, and the menu is uploaded when the website “senses” that the visitor is using a mobile device.

Our mobile-friendly Joomla templates based on the latest frameworks that makes your whole website seems like an "app". frameworks continuously updated and improvements are being made all the time which makes your Mobile-improved and become faster as the elaboration continues.

Different frameworks:

app mobile responsive design


Bootstrap is undoubtedly the most widely used framework. Joomla backend based on the. Developed by Twitter to use on their website and in their backend.

Metro quick


One of our favorite framework as it is extremely fast to develop with. Many of our projects have been made in this framework.

Metro jQuery mobile


With much experience in user interfaces, the team behind Materialize has created more than one framework, almost as a philosophy about how the web should "work".

app mobile responsive design


A highly advanced and well crafted framework that is updated in a very high pace.

Metro quick

HTML5 and CSS3

With knowledge of how to build good responsive code, you do not need to build on a framework. With HTML5 and CSS3 you can build all that's needed.

Metro jQuery mobile

jQuery Mobile

JQuery Mobile is a tool for creating very "app-like" web pages.

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