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We recommend Mailchimp or AcyMailing together with Joomla.

Mailchimp Joomla


Mailchimp is the largest web-based newsletter service in the world. It has more than 1.6 million users in over 150 countries. With its powerful yet easy-to-use interface, we think that Mailchimp is the best and most reliable solution for marketing via newsletters.

Mailchimp ensures that you don’t have to think about uncomfortable, technical details such as being classed as spam as well as other factors. It delivers tips and warnings on a continuous basis so that you can create email dispatches that are as effective as possible. You also get access to comparable statistics for each individual email dispatch.

There are several modules and components that integrate your Mailchimp account with your Joomla website.

Mailchimp is also cost-free for newsletter lists with up to 2000 subscribers which is usually sufficient for small and middle-sized companies.

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Mailchimp is the world’s largest newsletter service.

Metro mail

Subscription when contacted

When someone contacts you via your usual contact form you can quickly offer them a subscription to your Mailchimp newsletter.

Metro advanced

Advanced integration

You can also have more extensive integration done in which you handle the entire email batch directly from the Joomla administration function. Just check what news you would like to have included and then send it!

Metro cancellation

Easy on/off registration

It is as easy to begin a subscription to the newsletter as it is to cancel it.


AcyMailing is one of the first and most used newsletter components for Joomla. It has regular email and SMS support as well as connections to all major add-ons such as Virtuemart and Zoo. One of the biggest benefits is that you can send with Amazon or other SMTP services that make the cost of thousands of subscribers and many mailings very low. Read more about AcyMailing on


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