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For quick viewing, a high score in the Google Page Speed ​​/ Pingdom and a generally correct code syntax required knowledge and good technology.

An optimized web page is a page that loads quickly. It feels fast as you navigate around and use the Web page features. This is important not only for the visitors of the website but also for example the Google robots that constantly scans the pages and rate in a ranking system. To get fast page views and well structured code that is loaded correctly by the search engines have your entire web environment to play in harmony.

1. Number one is a good server. Demanding web pages (with a lot of visitors and functionality - such as e-commerce or intranet) tend to be on their own "machine". This machine / computer / server (dear child has many names) has lots of software in themselves to be able to deliver what your browser viewing. This software is often updated with security updates, better faster functionality, new features and general improvements, just as all the software you have, for example, your smartphone or tablet. To guarantee a good performance need all this software to be properly configured and updated to the latest version to deliver optimal. We continually monitors serve and ensure that they contain the latest software.

2. Number two is good code and structure of the website. To build a good website means that you have to balance features, design and variety of information. You can not present too much information and if you have to present a lot of information must be done in the best way. Here are the amounts of kodstrategi and features one can take the help of the supply side to the visitor's device in the best way. But there are also many traps to go. Just because a feature of the Website or the server "promises" faster page views so can many of these optimizations rather tired down the page and give longer page loads. We have long experience and by trying us out and measure, we know what instructions that work against good any results. In this way, we have worked out a powerful package of optimization for all possible sites.

3. Number three is optimized files (pictures and videos). One must be careful not save pictures or video in higher quality than necessary. On pages with a lot of media, this is especially important. With the right technology to compress and optimize video, audio and music files, you can be sure that the website only sends the visitor needs. It leads to a better experience and less amount of data being sent. This is especially important today when much web surfing via mobile phones and tablets.



old carDo I need to optimize my website?

There are several good tool to check if your website is optimized and functioning. A popular site to test on the Pingdom.com (actually created by a Swedish). Visit the page below and do a test - it's free!





Optimized website

* "Faster than 80% of tested sites" mean on all sides ever tested. A small side with only one image loading is always faster than one with 10 images.

Before After skadedyrbutikken

* "Faster than 55% of tested sites" mean on all sides ever tested. A small side with only one image loading is always faster than one with 10 images.

Optimizing News



Help with slow webHelp! I get the point 60!

No worries, we can help you. We have optimized many websites and in many cases succeeded 95 / 100 points. We recommend At least invest in 85 + score on the test above. We help you with this. Contact us for more information about optimization.


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